Vietnam has a lot of things to experience and explore. You may often hear about a special soup called ‘Pho’, that only Vietnam has. Perhaps you’ll never forget the majestic image of Ha Long Bay you once visited. Or, maybe your heart is still pounding when recalling the busy, over-crowded traffic roundabouts in Saigon (also officially known as Ho Chi Minh City), and you still feel a sense of awe every time you think about the Cai Rang floating market!

All of such experiences from the elegant, to the smaller more simple and rustic things, will forever remain in your memories. And, often travellers want to take a little something home with them. A souvenir that will allow them to relive the moments, or provide them with something they can show their friends while sharing the adventures in conversation.

Don’t worry! Tick & Pick has the solution for you. You can take home the whole of Vietnam in just one gift box as Tick & Pick introduces two gift sets called the ‘Hanoi Souvenir Kit’ and the ‘Saigon Souvenir Kit’.

Both sets are conveniently small and thin, each containing our seven best seller items at Tick & Pick...

Included in each gift set is: a wooden magnet, a set of 5x postcards, a set of 3x notebooks (each notebook has 64 pages), a set of 4x ceramic coasters, 1x tote bag, 1x leather passport cover, and a set of 3x magnetic bookmarks.

Both sets have the same basic items However, the Hanoi Souvenir Kit is slightly different from the Saigon Souvenir Kit, in that each item is relevant to the location. For example, the Hanoi Souvenir kit will have a magnetic sheet painting of the ancient streets in Hanoi, a set of 5x postcards with pictures of famous places in Hanoi such as Ho Guom, The Huc Bridge, etc and a set of 3x wooden magnetic bookmarks that say, “I love Hanoi”, and so on. You can check the items inside each set before deciding which one to choose.

Saigon is a place full of all kinds of culinary experiences that stem from across the country. You can find exquisite dishes such as Vietnamese pancakes, Pho Hanoi or Bun Bo Hue, and so many other dishes available on the streets of Saigon.

Few people are familiar with the term "speciality of Saigon", which often refers to dishes from ancient Saigon. There are two dishes in particular that perhaps everyone will agree as being truly special: Vietnamese style Banh mi (type of bread roll with a special filling) and Ca Phé (locally brewed coffee). When you fall in love with either of these, you’ll surely love a ‘Ca Phé T-shirt’ or a ‘Banh mi’ tote bag.

In each product, we always ask ourselves: "How can we capture the heart & soul of Vietnam, and develop a product that embraces our national values, and the creativity of today’s Vietnamese youth at Tick & Pick.

We believe that every single product we create, must be a beautiful, meaningful and useful for our customers. Everything at Tick&Pick is not only a souvenir but also a happy memory of travellers about the country of Vietnam.

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